Are you looking forward to Christmas? If the answer is yes, then you’re probably not running your own business!

Too many business owners can’t switch off during the festive season, so here are five reasons why you should:

  1. Your family needs you! How often has your spouse thought (or said), “you’re in the room but you’re not with us!” How often have you sat down with your children, wife, parents, friends and not heard what’s been said because you’re thinking about work? Take the time while everyone is relaxed, friendly and receptive to relax and enjoy yourself.
  2. Your employees don’t need you. They are the ones who are enjoying themselves, socialising with family and friends and not caring about returning to work until 2nd January. They aren’t carving the turkey wondering whether their boss has basted his pheasant or roasted his hog on the spit, so you don’t need to worry about them.
  3. All other businesses are in shut down as well… Well most of them anyway, so there’s no need to worry about a delivery on 29th December, whether you’ve received an order for £10,000 that needs processing, or if a payment hasn’t gone through. All of this will rectify itself when you get back to work in January – New Year, same old challenges, so why worry about them when you’re not in work?
  4. There’s just not enough time… for you to do what you want! Whether it’s watching the football or the Ashes, catching up on Game of Thrones, visiting Aunt Mildred on the annual visit or sledging down the hill with your children. When you think about what you should be doing with your time off, you’ll realise there’s no time to think about the business anyway!
  5. You won’t get the opportunity again. Okay I know Christmas will come around next year, however the children or grandchildren will be a year older and want different things, your parents may need extra care, friends and family may not be around, worse still you may not be around!

Take the time this Christmas holiday period to reflect on what’s important, who has supported you to get you where you are now and how you can help your close ones.

Your business will still be there on January 2nd and you can be in a better shape to manage it if you switch off and enjoy the festive period.

You never know, the time off may even give you a different perspective on your business and your plans for the future.

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