Adding Value

How TGM adds value

We provide significant support to your whole management team to develop and execute business plans.  The team at TGM will be involved throughout the life cycle of the business and investment during which time, we will draw on our in-house resources that underpin our highly proven operational expertise.

Integrated approach to stakeholder value creation

  • Vision & Strategy: Consideration of current market position and close involvement of your management team help shape the vision and growth plans.
  • Business Expertise: Our team offer a depth of professional expertise acquired working in blue chip companies at senior management levels.
  • Industry Knowledge: Our team of Partners come from multiple sectors where they gained first hand industry experience.
  • Performance Excellence: TGM’s Partners focus on coaching and engaging to deliver performance and service excellence to ultimately achieve shareholder value.

Regional partners

To help your business reach its full potential, a Regional Partner will be appointed to the board of your company.  These partners, typically former Senior Directors and Board members of blue chip companies, will work alongside the incumbent management team to formulate the vision and strategy of your company. Guided by the TGM partners, they will implement the growth plans to meet clearly defined objectives for your business, whilst measuring success along the way.  

Partner Support Group

We believe value creation is enhanced if the growth strategy is deployed and implemented expediently.  Our Partner Support Group provides a line of business expertise to the management team during the growth phase, to help achieve rapid implementation of value creation initiatives through the first 100 days of the plan.

This includes drawing on the application of business tools, best practices and project management from the Partner Support Groups’ expertise in:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • HR
  • Operations
  • IT
  • Business Process Improvements

This approach helps the management make more informed decisions and capture value quickly.

Creating long term value

We are a proactive investor whose goal is to build an organised, collaborative relationship with your management team.  We engage with your board and are prepared to listen to your team’s vast expertise and experience. Through working together, our Regional Partners and Partner Support Group will develop growth plans with qualified and quantified actions plans that will create stakeholder value.