When you have invested your passion, life’s work and enjoyed your successes, but now feel you are ready to take your foot off the pedal, how do you proceed?  In some cases owners feel obligated to the staff to continue when they no longer have the original passion and impetus for the business. 

It you believe the time is right for you to sell your business there will be a number of mixed emotions and fears you will hear from various quarters.  Apart from what will someone pay there is the possibility of making a mistake, getting taken advantage of, will the buyer pay, loss of identity and purpose.

Yes you will be right to listen to them but don't permit fears and doubts to creep into your decision making process.  Fear can be a crippling, energy sapping and debilitating emotion, don't let it take control of you and your life. Your destiny is to be true to yourself and enjoy life. 

There are alternative approaches and TGM are in the business of acquiring SME companies where we aim to protect the assets and staff in the business.  We can share with you our vision and the implications of selling your business. 

If you are ready to sell your business why not have a no obligation, confidential discussion with us on 03332 470 270 

Alfie Taylor

Managing Partner - Tower Growth Management LLP