Not many people will have heard of Leather & McGee, wholesale fruiterers based in Liverpool after World War One.

They were the leading wholesaler of fruit utilising the port of Liverpool during its height of the 20s and 30s. Their business (and legacy) lived on for many years after the two men retired as they instilled a strong work ethic and a ‘care for the staff and the customer’ philosophy.

The owners didn’t live in flash houses or drive big cars. Instead they looked after their wives and children, their extended family and their customers. They always had a smile, a reassuring arm of comfort for their staff and empathy for their customers who had lived through a devastating war and domestic challenges that they encountered between the two world wars. Unfortunately, not many of these characteristics are seen in today’s business world where profit is a higher ranking than people.

The team at TGM has taken these characteristics and we are embedding them in the businesses that we acquire. Looking after people will result in them looking after our business interests. Showing empathy for staff and customers will place us above the ‘rat race’ of most companies and having a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work will show our support for our team.

Where did I hear of Leather & McGee? Mr Leather was my Grandad, who instilled strong values in his four children, one of whom started his own business. This further cascaded into eight of his grandchildren who have owned and run businesses across the UK. His real name, Thomas Harley, lives on as they are my youngest son’s middle names and his legacy of fairness in business continues through the generations. 100 years of family business ethics and standards remains as strong as ever.

Grandad, I salute you.