There are many great things about being in business, you make money, you add value, you meet great people, you can even create a dynasty. However, there are also so many bad things such as losing money, losing sight of your family, not knowing how to exit your business, worrying about how you will pay the next bill.

At the end of 2016 a group of business experts who met during that year decided to pool their knowledge and skill set and create an organisation that would buy businesses from owners looking to sell for a variety of reasons. You may be looking to retire, taken the business as far as you can, having health issues and not having an exit plan can severely impact on the outcome of those circumstances. With expertise across many sectors TGM are approaching owner managed businesses ready to sell their business.

There’s no intent to asset strip or devalue the business we are looking for good companies that we can advance further from their current position. Within a few weeks of getting together we are already close to acquiring the first business with another 2 expected to complete within weeks.

What the owners value, apart from their business, is that we have a structured model which helps them plan their exit either by an immediate withdrawal or a managed handover. There’s no loss of staff, no ripping the company apart, no cashing in of assets instead it’s a managed approach to improve and develop the business.

Your business will be our business!

Martyn Keates

Managing Partner - Tower Growth Management LLP