If you are selling your business you need a managed approach! There are so many things that you need to consider when selling your business and if you don’t go about it with a managed approach you will miss out on opportunities that come your way.

One business owner was looking to sell his business and had a hybrid of services (web-site design and IT support). After marketing his business he only had one interested party and they were only interested in his IT support side however the owner would not split the business to sell as there were too many cross-overs, in his opinion. In the end he ran out of time, the lease on his building expired and he let 2 IT staff go leaving himself with just the web-design part of the business and no sale. 

Had he planned ahead of time and managed the process properly he could have started marketing the sale a year earlier, this would have given him more time to look at alternatives and also rationalise the business into different segments. He would also have time to increase the value of the business by upselling to existing clients and therefore increase both his current earnings and the ultimate sale price. Moreover it shows the potential acquirer that you are serious and have a structure in place ready to sell!

TGM is here to acquire businesses and the ideal business that we look at are ones who do have managed processes, systems in place, great potential growth and an exciting future. Even if you don’t have a managed approach you can still come and talk to us and we can help you.  Call us for a confidential exploratory discussion and no obligations on 03332 470 270.

Your business will be our business!

Martyn Keates

Managing Partner - Tower Growth Management LLP